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Why choose Mom’s Lifeline program?

What works for one family, will not work for the next. What works for one baby, might not work for the other. At Mom’s Lifeline we keep the personal touch and personalize each program to best serve the individual we are working with. With research Mom’s Lifeline came to the conclusion that you should not allow a baby to continuously cry without seeing, feeling and hearing their caretaker for more than 3 minutes at a time.
So our programme is designed around that fact, to ensure both baby and parent can remain in control without losing the attentive parenting style that is needed to make baby or toddler to not feel abandoned and continue to grow into an independent, strong, loved young individual. We assist to create an environment that is positive to enquire the skill to fall asleep independently and to link sleep cycles for more continues sleep. As Moms Lifeline we believe in empowering parents with the skills and know how to instil good sleep habits and sleep cycles that assist their kids to become the best version of themselves as well rested, well-adjusted babies and toddlers

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