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About Erica Lötter

Nice to meet you, I am Erica Lötter

More about me and where it all began...

I am in the prime of my life born in 1968. I am part of a very modern family. Both myself and my husband were married before, so he has two boys from his first marriage and I a son from my first marriage and we have a little daughter together. My son is 27 and his eldest son 25 together with our daughter which is now 14 years old. His youngest son is 19.

Training and working with babies is my passion. Solving sleep problems is what keeps me going. Working with them every step of the way and to see them develop and become easy to handle, and then sleeping better is awesome and rewarding. The day you get the call from the mommies with the news baby slept “though” is so the best.
I have been in the Courier Industry most of my career both as Sales Manager and then Customer Service Manager. I had a number of miss carriages and on advice resigned due to the nature of the Industry and being very stressful. I started doing night nursing, au pairing, and babysitting to deal with my paranoia and fear of another miss carriage. I then fell pregnant with my daughter. I soon realized that I loved working with these babies, however also realized that night nurses are not helping the babies but doing the exact opposite as night nurses responsibility is to allow parents to sleep. To further my knowledge, I research babies and their lives in dept. With all the research I then developed a method to create a positive environment for the little ones to learn the skill to “sleep through” without emotionally detaching yourself from your little one.
I have been doing this now for about 16 years.
The reward for me in doing sleep training is getting that phone call from the parents letting me know they did not need to go into the kids’ bedroom all night! I literally jump up and down.
When I get the frantic phone call from a crying mommy saying they cannot do this anymore. They are at break point and need help to get them to be the best mommy they possibly can be.

What have you done?
I have written articles for Baby and Beyond Magazine, On line Magazine, Mommy Matters.
I have done online session re expert advice with regards to sleeping for Pampers and Elizabeth Ann.
Some of my clients included celebrities like Zolani, Joanne Strauss, Emo Adams and the list continues.

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